You’re Worshipping Me Too Much

Story and Art: Coco Aino

You're Worshipping Me Too Much
Title : You’re Worshipping Me Too Much
Kimi wa Boku no Koto wo Suuhaishisugiteiru.

Story and Art : Coco Aino
相野 ココ

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



Tomoki Kurono
Miyaji’s best friend since high school. Supportive and a doujinshi artist. Likes Momo-tan and often compares the said anime character with Miyaji. Thinks Miyaji is perfect.
A college student with an average personality. Has an unlucky love live. A bit selfish but has a kind heart.


Miyaji’s recent breakup with his girlfriend of three months leads him crying to his best friend, Tomoki, who has been his friend since high school and is a doujinshi artist who likes Momo-tan. Miyaji complains to Tomoki that every girl he has broken up with has the same reason: that Miyaji was bored and didn’t love them. Miyaji begs to differ, and Tomoki agrees that Miyaji is perfect the way he is, which gives the latter feelings he was sure a friend shouldn’t have.

As Miyaji figures out what he feels for Tomoki, a drunken night and a heated kiss change everything between the two friends. Will Miyaji be able to come to terms with his newfound feelings?

©︎Coco Aino/EIWA Publishing Inc. 2018

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