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White Day with GUSH


From left, signed posters of The Loose Cat series from previous cafe collaboration with Ikebukuro Torico, a striking red and black signed poster of BEAST OF BLOOD, and a bright Beast’s Storm family poster.


White Day is that time of the year when the other party gives back to those who have showered them presents last Valentine’s Day. This year, GUSH went beyond by not just releasing new titles but by collaborating with Manga Torico in pampering fans with a special White Day event for the month of March. Not just one but three BL manga works that were released from January to February by Morry Kuroi, Anji Seina, and Mio Tennohji graced the grounds of Ikebukuro Torico.

Half of the hall was occupied by GUSH de Blanc cafe collaboration with arrays of tables covered with gorgeous art from the Beast’s Storm series, BEAST OF BLOOD, and The Loose Cat series.


GUSH de Blanc Collaboration Menu

There were four special White Day-themed menus for this event to fill up hungry stomachs, though three out of four were all on the sweet side of the food spectrum to match the annual reverse Valentine’s day, we can assure you that everything smelled so appetizing! Nonetheless, we tried to capture the cuteness and divine smell of the food for those of you who couldn’t visit.


NyanNya’s Children’s Plate

Super cute Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!- themed menu with its eye-catching cat-shaped rice, octopus-shaped sausages, mini hamburg steak, sunny lettuce with corn salad with Italian dressing next to a hot cup of pumpkin soup.


Kyousuke Nyanko’s Croquembouche and GUSH de Blanc Special Drink (iced)

Suspicious-looking tower of Strawberry Petite Puff Creams, whipped cream drizzled with color sprinkles and heart-shaped cookies from Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru. The GUSH de Blanc Special Drink (iced) is a concoction of milk, vanilla syrup, marshmallow, and whipped cream with a finishing touch of sliced almond and blue arazan to cap the look.


Honnou wo Buchikowasu Blood Chocolate Fondant and GUSH de Blanc Special Drink (hot)

A BEAST OF BLOOD rich fondant chocolate encircled in a bloody swirl of strawberry sauce next to a dollop of whipped cream, sprinkled with mixed berries and nuts paired with hot GUSH de Blanc Special Drink.


GUSH de Blanc Goods

For all BL fans, collaboration goods will always be one of the most anticipated parts, whether one is an avid collector or simply a fan who wants to support their favorite author or work. So for this one, quite a lot were excited to see a mix of lovely cute goods and oozing sexiness in one package.

GUSH de Blanc goods


  • Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru Yurayura Acrylic Stand (¥990)
  • BEAST OF BLOOD Acrylic Accessory Stand (¥1,980)
  • Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!- Connecting Acrylic Charm (¥990)
  • Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!- Acrylic Keyholder (¥880)
  • Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru Clear file (¥550)
  • BEAST OF BLOOD Clear file (¥550)
  • Trading Acrylic Coasters, 6 designs (¥800)
  • Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!- Omochi Sho-chan (¥880)
Some goods from the previous The Loose Cat series cafe collaboration were also on display, such as this acrylic keyholder (left picture) and clear file (right picture).


Aside from all these new goods, fans can also purchase comic books at the venue, previous and new publications of the Beast’s Storm series, BEAST OF BLOOD, and The Loose Cat series were available.

Recent releases: Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru with BIG acrylic stand (paid benefit), BEAST OF BLOOD 2, and Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!-


GUSH de Blanc Special Goods

Good news to those who missed GUSH de Blanc‘s online first-come, first-served sales of the made-to-order “signed A4 sized acrylic plates” since Ikebukuro Torico decided to accept orders at the venue as well. Visitors who came can access a special QR code posted at the event to order any of the three A4 sized acrylic plates or even all three at the same time by accessing an online order form to fill up necessary shipping details and a barcode generated that visitors need to show at the cashier when paying. It must be noted that resale to a third party or at auction is strictly prohibited.

From left, samples of the A4 sized acrylic plates BEAST OF BLOOD (signed by Anji Seina), Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!-, and Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru (signed by Mio Tennohji). After our visit, Morry Kuroi also dropped by and signed her acrylic plate.


GUSH de Blanc Benefits

Postcard sized original illustration card and menu benefits—three SNS-style clear cards (L-R: Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!-, Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru, and BEAST OF BLOOD 2).


An original illustration card of GUSH de Blanc event’s official art was handed as an admission benefit to all visitors of the event for those who pre-register in advance. How about the collaboration menu? There are three SNS-style clear cards specifically prepared for this event, so for every food ordered, a specific SNS-style clear card tied to the food menu was given out, this is such a blessing to those with terrible luck when it comes to random benefits. Though there is only one on the menu for the special drink, so the SNS-style clear card was random, and placed in a silver pack.

GUSH de Blanc poster outside Ikebukuro Torico, a congratulatory bouquet of flowers by the entrance, and GUSH de Blanc menu.


Aside from the pretty posters at the event, displayed on the hall’s wall are original duplicate panels from Beast’s Storm-Touch me baby!-, BEAST OF BLOOD 2, and Bitch na Neko wa Amai Kuchibiru ni Oboreru.


Where to read?

Did you know that these artists had their works officially translated into English? If not, make sure to check out Futekiya’s library for some of their works released under GUSH. Works below are listed in alphabetical order, author’s name, not the title.

  • Beast’s Storm by Morry Kuroi (read here)
  • Beast’s Storm: Kiss Me Baby! by Morry Kuroi (read here)
  • Beast’s Storm: Hug Me Baby! by Morry Kuroi (read here)
  • BEAST OF BLOOD by Anji Seina (read here)
  • The Loose Cat Can’t Stand Curiosity by Mio Tennohji (read here)
  • The Loose Cat Can’t Resist Possessiveness by Mio Tennohji (read here)
  • The Loose Cat Sharpens Claws of Lust by Mio Tennohji (read here)
  • The Loose Cat Wags its Tail in Secret by Mio Tennohji (read here)


GUSH de Blanc~ガッシュドブラン~

Date March 18 – March 27, 2022
Event Site https://www.manga10.com/event/1690 (in Japanese only)
Ticket FREE (Pre-registration required)
Venue Ikebukuro Torico
3-29-9 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo Fukuri Building B1F

  • Ikebukuro Station Exit 1b 2 minutes walk
Manga Torico Site https://www.manga10.com/ (in Japanese only)
Goods https://www.manga10.com/event/product/1690 (in Japanese only)





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