White and Black Fall at Asumiko Nakamura 20th Anniversary Exhibition

Whimsical beauty, delicate brush strokes, symbolic scenes, and compelling characters are just a few phrases, one can say when Nakamura Asumiko is mentioned. Since her debut 20 years ago, manga artist Nakamura Asumiko sensei has produced many stunning works and has created a box full of a fascinating mix of beauty and eccentricities. Known for her popular work Doukyusei that was made into an animated movie in 2016, Nakamura-sensei is holding her 20th Anniversary Exhibition this fall at PARCO FACTORY in Ikebukuro.


The exhibition features about 120 original drawings throughout Nakamura- sensei’s manga career along with production materials such as drafts, sketches, and manga outlines that were carefully curated by herself. Be charmed by her classic and elegant watercolor illustrations and the hall’s dynamic, minimalist frame divisions as you peruse through commentaries on different works, creative processes, aesthetics, inspirations, and exhibition of other valuable work materials. Taking pictures isn’t allowed inside the hall, but you can take photos of J no Subete and Doukyusei’s life-size panels by the entrance and exit.



At the venue, a special corner just before you exit is selling various exhibition commemorative goods. The Nakamura Asumiko’s 20th Anniversary Official Book is highly recommended as it contains multiple beautiful images, notes, and interviews displayed at the exhibit. 



Cafe Collaboration

In addition to the exhibition, a limited-time collaboration menu is available at Cafe Address on the 6th floor of the Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building. Feast on a plate of fried chicken, blue citron soda, and parfait, inspired by Oukoku Monogatari, Doukyusei, and J no Subete, respectively. Complimentary postcards and a coaster are handed for specific collaboration menu you order.


White and Black Stamp Rally

As part of the exhibition, a stamp rally is held at PARCO FACTORY (7th floor of the Ikebukuro PARCO Main Building) and Animate Ikebukuro Main Store, where, upon completion, will earn you an original sticker of the 20th Anniversary exhibit’s visual poster. The stamp rally sheet is available at the exhibition hall’s goods section while you can present your completed sheet for a sticker at Animate Ikebukuro.


Online 3D View

Also, recently announced is a co-sponsored online exhibition where you can view the venue in 3D. Immerse yourself in a world created by Nakamura Asumiko sensei and enjoy the experience from the comforts of your home as if you were actually at the exhibition hall as you move around the venue and look around 360 degrees. What are you waiting for? Go and click the link below!

Online 3D View:  (in Japanese only)


Nakamura Asumiko’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition Details

Date and time September 26 (Sat) until October 12, 2020 (Mon)
Place PARCO FACTORY, Ikebukuro PARCO 7F (Access Map)
Entrance Fee Advance ticket with premium benefits: ¥1,300

General advance ticket: ¥800

Lottery advance ticket with a signed book: ¥4,500

Same-day ticket: ¥800

Official Site (in Japanese only)
Cafe Address x Nakamura Asumiko’s 20th Anniversary Collaboration (in Japanese only)


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