We’re Abhorred by Fate

Story and Art : KINACO

Title : We’re Abhorred by Fate
Boku Tachi wa Unmei ni Kirawareteiru

Story and Art : KINACO

Publisher : Tokyomangasha



Hayato Kujo (α)
Kaname Yao (β?)
Cool and popular with girls for being an alpha. The star of the track and field team who works harder than others assume.
Feisty and headstrong. Sees Kujo as his track and field team rival and respects him for being a serious athlete.


In this world, people are categorized into one of three secondary genders: alphas, betas, and omegas.
Alphas (α) are seen as society’s elites. They find success in any endeavor without the need for much effort. Betas (β) are seen as the “”average”” and most populous, without major alpha or omega traits. Omegas (Ω) are perceived as unfortunate souls, bound to their heats that produce strong pheromones, sometimes strong enough to attract even betas.

Hayato Kujo works hard, uncharacteristic for an alpha. But no matter his feat, everybody around him attributes his success to his alpha genes, except for Kaname Yao, a classmate and teammate on his high school’s track and field team.
Yao views Kujo as a rival and serious athlete, regardless of their genders: Kujo an alpha and Yao the beta…? Wait a minute… Yao was surely not prepared to get all mixed up in this alpha-beta-omega-fated-mate-bond stuff. (Warning: Mentions of sexual assault)

©︎KINACO/Tokyomangasha 2019

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