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Twittering Birds Never Fly Kou Yoneda-sensei Collaboration Cafe Revival

"Please keep me by your side. I'll do anything if I can stay by your side."

Twittering Birds Never Fly is an ongoing Boys’ Love (BL) manga series written and illustrated by Kou Yoneda-sensei, serialized in ihr HertZ (Taiyoh Tosho). As of February 2020, it has over 1.5 million copies out in print. It has also released an animation film  produced by Fuji Television Networks,Inc.’s BLUE LYNX, a new anime label specializing in BL, thus making Twittering Birds Never Fly their memorable debut work.

Solid and Liquid ComiComi Studio Machida, a book cafe more popularly known as ComiComi Machida to BL fans, had been hosting numerous BL gallery and cafe collaborations since 2016. Without a doubt, Kou Yoneda-sensei’s fans are no stranger to this since they had hosted three gallery and cafe collaborations for Twittering Birds Never Fly from 2016 to 2019.


Fast Forward to its Revival Cafe

Due to popular demand, Comicomi Machida again hosted a Kou Yoneda-sensei collaboration cafe this 2020 called Kou Yoneda-sensei Collaboration Cafe ”Twittering Birds Never Fly Revival”, a simple yet perfect fit for a title summarizing all three collaborations previously held here. The revival cafe invited everyone to enjoy the space filled with feelings for the past three and a half years and to enjoy the world of Twittering Birds Never Fly through the gallery prepared and collaboration menu offered. This revival was also the last collaboration held at ComiComi Machida, before the physical store permanently closed its doors on the 23rd of March, 2020.

The futekiya team, of course, didn’t pass up this chance, so we traveled to Machida on a chilly weekday afternoon to check it ourselves. Upon arrival, a spacious cafe connected to the Comicomi Studio bookshop, which has an inner and outer dining area, beaming with lively customers greeted us. Fans who went there alone, with their friends, or with their family filled the cafe even on a weekday!


Revival Cafe Gallery

The inner area right next to the bookshop was where most fans flock to chill and relax, as several huge framed illustrations, exceedingly gorgeous decorated the walls and amplified one’s experience.

Placed on high counter tables and low side tables were various breathtaking colored illustrations and reproduction manuscripts of certain poignant scenes from the manga. Fans sitting around here would deftly use these framed beauties as a perfect backdrop when taking pictures of their food.

Wonderful Twittering Birds Never Fly-themed illustrations with the cafe collaboration text covered most of the tabletops. For those who had been to Twittering Birds Never Fly‘s previous cafe collaborations, one would notice that the designs used are a mix of prior cafe illustrations, a smart move that truly makes one reminisce of the past.


Revival Cafe Menu and Benefits

A cafe visit is never complete without trying the collaboration menu, so naturally, we ordered everything! There were five original collaboration menus to choose from: soup, pasta, dessert, and two drinks.

The Yashiro-sama’s Exclusive Menu Omar Shrimp Bisque was a creamy and flavorful shrimp soup, great as a starter. The Kabukicho Aquarium Specialty Seafood Pasta was a generous serving of tomato-based pasta with slices of seafood. The Yashiro’s Chocolate Cake was a slice of rich adult chocolate flavored cake with whip cream and raspberry on the side, and to complete its presentation was a cocoa powder art of a small bird perching next to it. The Aquarium Blue Soda was inspired by the first jellyfish aquarium Yashiro went to. The lychee syrup at the bottom gives the blue curacao drink a fruity and refreshing taste; use the soda spoon to dig in for the nata de coco at the bottom. Last on the menu was the non-alcoholic Yashiro and Doumeki Rum Cocktail, a concoction of latte, Myers rum and caramel liqueur. It exuded an aura that adults prefer but with a little kick of sweetness that went perfectly well with the dessert.

Each order of the original collaboration menu came with a paper placemat with the Yoneda Kou-sensei Collaboration Cafe “Twittering Birds Never Fly Revival” illustration. On top of that, there were six original menu benefits to choose from: two types of acrylic coasters, and the aquarium annual passport inspired from the aquarium date that appeared as an extra story of the manga, with four different designs. Since fans could choose the benefits, the popular ones went out of stock quite fast!


Revival Cafe Original Goods and other Merchandise

There were three specially-designed original collaboration goods available for fans to purchase: two types of A4 clear file & A5 card set sold for 800 yen, and a double pocket ticketholder with solo illustrations of Yashiro and Doumeki sitting on a couch available for 550 yen. The A5 card enclosed with the A4 clear file was absolutely stunning with its glistening embossed foil print signature of Kou Yoneda-sensei. It’s so pretty you could frame it and display it at home.

Aside from the original collaboration goods, previous ComiComi Cafe collaboration merchandise such as postcards, clear files, rubber straps, and so on were also available and displayed on the same shelf as the Twittering Birds Never Fly goods. Those who missed the BLUE LYNX “THE PARTY” POP UP STORE at LOFT Kichijoji or LOFT Umeda, as well as the Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather movie goods were in luck since these limited goods were also available at ComiComi Machida.


Special Present

Good things, in this case a special present, come to those who kept their food and goods receipts for the day! For every collaboration menu ordered and 1,000 yen worth of any Twittering Birds Never Fly goods purchased entitled fans to a specially drawn A5-size card with an original duplicate signature of Kou Yoneda-sensei. Now, weren’t they generous with all these benefits!?


Book Panel Display

Worth of attention at the bookshop, which was right next to the cafe, was the grand book and cafe collaboration panel display of Twittering Birds Never Fly by none other than the amazing ComiComi Machida staff. Two hovering crows and cut-outs of the two main protagonists of the story cleverly adorned an area designated for the title. Displayed just below was a blackbird, a Lemon Squash drink, and a gun, which fans of the manga would surely recognize. A collection of different manga and an illustration book by Kou Yoneda-sensei was neatly displayed just above Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather movie poster. We think this decoration was ingenious!



  • One could see a huge skyline panel with various bird cut-outs with messages and doodles left by the fans who visited the cafe on one of the walls of the cafe. A corner inside the cafe just across the panel had stacks of postcards and colored pens free for everyone to use. Sharing one’s impressions and thoughts about the manga, movie, or the cafe was a great way to show support and connect with the author.
  • For those who were charmed by the chibi drawings hanging from the ceiling, a Twittering Birds Never Fly gashapon offering these designs as acrylic charms was a great substitute to quench the thirst. One try cost five 100-yen coins, but for those with no change, the attentive ComiComi staff at the counter was ready to assist and break large bills.
  • To order food, one must use the machine to select the collaboration cafe and the collaboration menu. It was quite easy to use but for those who found themselves struggling, three language buttons could be found at the upper right corner of the screen: Japanese (default), Chinese and English. Just grab the order slip printed out and hand it to the food counter.


ComiComi Studio Machida and Kou Yoneda collaboration cafe timeline:
Kou Yoneda-sensei Gallery & Cafe ”Crow Cafe 鴉-crow-”: September 24 until October 8, 2016
Kou Yoneda-sensei Gallery & Cafe ”Crow Cafe-crow-” Revival: June 8 until June 18, 2017
Kou Yoneda-sensei 10th Anniversary Gallery & Cafe “Breaking Dawn -ヨアケ-”: November 23 until December 20, 2017
Kou Yoneda-sensei Gallery & Cafe “Kabukicho Aquarium”: April 26 until June 13, 2019
Kou Yoneda-sensei Collaboration Cafe “Twittering Birds Never Fly Revival”: March 1 until March 23, 2020


Kou Yoneda-sensei Collaboration Cafe “Twittering Birds Never Fly Revival” Details

Date and time March 1 until March 23, 2020
Place Solid and Liquid Comicomi Studio Machida
(Machida Marui 6F 6-1-6 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo-to 194-0013)
Entrance Fee Free
Official Site https://machida.comicomi-studio.com/re-saezuru_cafe/ (in Japanese only)


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