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Top Ten Boys’ Love (BL) Titles (November 2020)

Here are ten most read BL titles on futekiya in November 2020!

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our monthly list of the Ten Most Read Boys’ Love (BL) titles read in the futekiya Library in November 2020, based on pageviews.


1. How To Raise an Alpha You Love by Yucca Fukushima

The prominent Kamimura family treasures all of their talented descendants. But this isn’t the case for Nio, the only omega in the Kamimuras’ long unbroken line of alphas. When the death of his brother Reo and sister-in-law Ruri forces Nio back to the house he left behind, their newly orphaned sons remind Nio of his past – especially the older brother Suou, who inherited Nio’s brother’s abilities despite not sharing any of his blood. What happens when these unlikely almost-relatives begin a new life together?


2. Would You Like to be a Family? by Koyama

Takemura is a distant, workaholic designer in the planning division. While most of his officemates had given up on interacting with him, his loud co-worker Masaki Natsui is persistent on breaking his indifferent demeanor.

When one trip to the convenience store leads to Takemura crossing paths with Masaki and his adopted son, Mori, everything changes for Takemura as he is pulled into a somewhat makeshift family dynamic with the two.



3. Welcome! To the BL Research Club by Haruta

Behind on his bills and barely surviving, dirt-poor college student Satou just wants a break. He wants a job, any job that would pay up, super fast! When Kaname and Hata offered a part-time job doing research with them, Satou thought he’s finally struck gold. But he probably should’ve asked for the fine print, because the research is on BL, specifically male sexual pleasure – and he’s the test subject!



4. That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles by Nawako Mineshima

Shirato has always had terrible luck, even with the simplest things. When it seems that he might have a bit of luck going to his usual ramen place, it’s stumped by the bawling, but very handsome person sitting beside him. Pitying the poor guy, Shirato offers him his handkerchief to comfort him.

Turns out, the handsome person was Tatsuki Kurose, a famous actor and with his presence, it seems that Shirato’s fortune has gotten better. But when one night reveals that Tatsuki’s feelings for Shirato goes beyond friendship, Shirato’s not sure if his terrible luck has gotten worse. Did it?



5. Happiness is Always Beside You by Aki Nohagi

It was supposed to be the happiest day of Satoru’s life – until his bride left him at the altar for another woman! As he struggles to get his life back in order, it’s a good thing his old friend Daichi’s always there to look out for him – but is friendship really the only reason why Daichi’s keeping him here? Or had Satoru’s happiness been right beside him all along?





6. A Love to Light the Afterlife by miyu

When an accident suddenly claims Chiaki’s life, his best friend Sousuke is left to wallow in grief and regret. While on his way home, Sousuke walks over a railway crossing exactly on twilight and finds himself in the Afterlife, where he finds Chiaki’s spirit. Determined to be reunited with and resurrect Chiaki, Sousuke makes a wager with the Afterlife ruler, Lord Nushi. Will he succeed?



7. TALIM: Nobody Knows About the Dragon’s Secrets by Yuki Kazami

Ever since he was a child, Tatsuro had been fascinated by his grandfather’s tales of dragons which sustained even when he reached adulthood. Requested one day to hunt a wild beast roaming the mountains, instead of the beast, he finds a person named Talim, who turned out to be a dragon. Apparently, Talim has great curiosity about humans but his difficulty with maintaining his human form prevents him from interacting with them. Thus begins a friendship between human and dragon which may lead to something more.



8. The Boys Love Comic Artist Buys a Delivery Host by Yucca Fukushima

Wataru is a BL manga creator with a great dilemma: he doesn’t have any experience, in other words, he is a virgin. Determined to gain experience, he has the idea to hire a host where he requests a younger man named Shou. On the day itself, Wataru has second thoughts but Shou proves to be understanding and gentle. As Wataru realizes he’s falling for Shou, will their host-hirer relationship get in the way?





9.The Omega Call by Kobuchi

The second son in a family of alphas, Shu Iwashiro expects to be just like his father and brother. Shu’s life and bright future shatter when he discovers he is an omega. Pressured by his family to hide his true nature, Shu pretends to be a beta. Every day, Shu hides that he is an omega from even his closest friend (and alpha), Kazushi. But, can Shu keep the facade up when his heat begins?




10. The Downstairs Resident is Mr. Fudanshi by Chihaya Kuroiwa

Sokabe is a salaryman whose apartment is far from his workplace. He could have found a closer place but one reason stops him from moving: his feelings for his downstairs neighbor, Motoi.

Going home one night with his belongings stolen, he knocks on the caretaker’s door to ask for spare keys when Motoi steps in to help. Curious about the books scattered around Motoi’s room, he is surprised to find that they were books on BL. Motoi catches him snooping which makes Sokabe panic and leads Motoi to assume that Sokabe is like him – a fudanshi – when in fact, Sokabe is actually gay. Now, Sokabe has to keep up the pretense of being a ‘fudanshi comrade’ while hiding his true feelings for Motoi.


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