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Top Ten Boys’ Love (BL) Titles (March 2021)

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our monthly list of the Ten Most Read Boys’ Love (BL) titles read in the futekiya Library in March 2021, based on pageviews.

1. Pink Heart Jam by Shikke

Country boy Haiga has many questions he wants to learn the answers to when he moves to the bustling capital for his university life – and one of them happens to be, “do I like guys, too?” When his upperclassmen dare him to check out a box spa behind Shinjuku’s Nichoume District, Haiga uses this opportunity to find out the answer to his question – and runs into his senior Kanae, who has one simple solution for him – clothes, off!





2. Cherry Boy Tiger and Hot-and-Cold Rabbit by Miwa

Welcome to “moon,” an underground dreamworld (read: host club) for rich men to enjoy alcohol, sex, and anonymity.

Workers of moon, aka bunnies, aren’t allowed to ask about their customers’ private life, but there are no rules against knowing each others’. Bunnies all have their reasons and motivations for staying and working, and just like that, moon is home to an interesting mix of characters, stories, and… relationships?



3. The Midnight Association For The Broken Hearted by Kazuki Minamoto

Who knew the Midnight Association for the Broken Hearted had so many members? Let’s start with some introductions:

First, we have two members who are delighted to have found each other and bond over their similarities. But, when the time comes, can they?…

Our next two association members are head over heels for each other but have a peculiar way of showing it.

Then, we have a blackmailing member taking advantage of the infamous school delinquent. (Warning: Dubious consent)

Next are some actions heroes getting some action of their own.

And lastly, we have two lovebirds who go on a date in the wild, only to get stuck in a hut alone… with each other…



4. I Want Only You by Shibito Koiwazurai

A collection of stories about pure hearts and lust.

“Please Have Sex with Me”: Naruse’s grades and attendance are on a slippery slope downwards until Class President Harumi helps him out. Naruse has learned over and over again that nothing in life is free; everybody has an ulterior motive, even his own stepfather. So, what is Harumi’s true intention?… (warning: Child molestation)

“What a Wonderful World”: The human species has evolved into the Omegaverse, and in it are two friends. Are they drawn to each other merely because they want to be friends? Or are there other powers at play?

“A Midsummer Event”: Yoji didn’t hear his grandpa when he said not to open that box. What will become of timid and bullied Yoji when he does?

“Honey Days”: Weak Yasuo has been saved countless times from bullies by his friend Mitsuteru. The two are as close as close can be, but will Mitsuteru be able to save Yasuo again before it’s too late?

“The Demon is Outside, the Fortune is Inside”: Days get lonely when you live alone in the mountains. Shichifuku is used to it already. But that doesn’t mean he will turn away a man who appears at his doorstep, especially if he’s wounded…



5. Can I Buy Your Love from a Vending Machine? by Haruaki Yoshii

Salaryman Ayumu Koiwai just can’t tear his eyes away from the strong, muscular man as he checks on the stocks of the vending machine in his office. He may be a proper adult now, but everything about the emotions Yamashita awakens in him feels like a teenager’s first love…





6. Advice for Mutually Unrequited Love by Yuiji Aniya

When they were younger, cool, collected Kousuke was the one who asked tiny, adorable Hiraku to be his lover – even when Hiraku couldn’t quite understand what being lovers meant. Now that they’re older and hopefully wiser, can they finally figure out what they got wrong the first time?






7. I Peeped at my Childhood Friends Having Sex. by Draw Two

Itaro, Gen, and Tsugu are childhood friends who always did everything together. But when Tsugu realizes Itaro and Gen have been sneaking around without him, he decides to get back at them – but what happens when Tsugu gets a front-row seat to what exactly his best friends have been hiding from him?





8. Leave Your Marks on My Back by Rou Nishimoto

Ayumu Satou, a bartender at Bar Crisis, hates how full-fledged adults suddenly lose all decency. A stickler for structure and following rules, Ayumu is not the typical 20-year-old college student.

During his usual shift one day, a new face walks through the door, Yoshitaka Bandou. Immediately enticed, Ayumu tends to the new customer. Meeting a mischievous and devilish Yoshitaka, Ayumu becomes further intrigued.

Upon the manager’s return to the bar, the mood changes, and suddenly, Ayumu is left alone in the dark. What are they exactly? What is going on under the table? And why does Ayumu want to know more?



9. Rec me by JIL Hashikura

Yusuke and Chizuru are known actors in the showbiz industry. To everyone else, they appear to be amicable work colleagues, but off cam, they are in a secret and complicated sexual relationship. While their relationship just sort of happened, Yusuke wants nothing but to monopolize Chizuru, but the latter is insistent on riling him up by seducing other people. At times, Yusuke finds something familiar about Chizuru here and there, and it seems Chizuru has his secrets and a plan he’s been plotting for all this time.




10. Marriage to the Wolf: The Tale of an Inter-species Union by Hana Inui

With a bad harvest and more mouths to feed, the Hare village struggles to come up with ways to get through the year. One night, the answer to their prayers comes from… the WOLF Tribe? Monthly food rations for two years, enough for their whole village, in exchange for one of their own to betroth the Kuroe Family’s son. After a long journey to the Wolf Tribe, Kaede, who has sworn to find happiness in his new life, is immediately thrown into a pre-marriage ceremony with his new fiancé, Ren. What will Kaede do after meeting the completely insufferable and mean Ren, who he has to marry?!




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