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Top Ten Boys’ Love (BL) Titles (January 2021)

These are ten most read BL titles on futekiya in January 2021!

Hello from futekiya! Here’s our monthly list of the Ten Most Read Boys’ Love (BL) titles read in the futekiya Library in January 2021, based on pageviews.


1. Pink Heart Jam by Shikke

Country boy Haiga has many questions he wants to learn the answers to when he moves to the bustling capital for his university life – and one of them happens to be, “do I like guys, too?” When his upperclassmen dare him to check out a box spa behind Shinjuku’s Nichoume District, Haiga uses this opportunity to find out the answer to his question – and runs into his senior Kanae, who has one simple solution for him – clothes, off!



2. Metro by Chika Hongo

Every day, Mizuki takes the train to school. And every day, almost like clockwork, a certain man has his hands all over him. It’s an unusual routine that he’s almost getting used to, but what will he do when one day, the man promises him more? Is it really worth following him?




3. Melt at Night by Taira Taga

Tomoki is an average salaryman with a meek personality. Due to this, he has little confidence in himself, including in matters of sex. One night, he gets himself drunk after an office drinking party and falls asleep on his front door. To his surprise, he gets awoken with a kiss from a call boy named Haru.  As it turns out, Haru got the building location wrong and, as an apology, offers Tomoki drinks and a lending ear to all his sex troubles since Haru is a sex pro himself. Tomoki takes Haru’s offer, and when he divulges his fear of sex to Haru, Haru readily offers himself to Tomoki as his practice partner to overcome his fear of sex.


4. More than a Play Bite by Tsuruko

Mikuni is a snake beast folk who was constantly bullied as a child due to his beast nature. His only friend and defender was Nachi, a quarter lion beast folk who always tells Mikuni that he’s pretty. Mikuni’s feelings for Nachi have always been more than just friends and became stronger as they grew up. Now grown-up, Mikuni is undergoing his shedding phase, which makes him emit pheromones. This proves to be troublesome as it makes any person, beast or not, attracted to him. He’s only ever wanted Nachi. When Mikuni learns that his bite may have a chance of bewitching someone, he tries it on Nachi. Will his bite make Nachi want him? Also contains two side stories: “The Sweetest Bite in the World”: A story between the Professor and his ward, Takumi, a track team member. “Catch the Goddess by the Tail”: The story between senior track member and former ace, Aihachi, and the current track ace, Shunsuke.


5. Bad Boy Musashi and Oyamada by Mario Yamada

Oyamada has the top grades in his first year class but is hopelessly in love with the second year’s bad boy Musashi Kido. Ever since Musashi saved him from a group of bullies, Oyamada hasn’t been able to keep Musashi’s broad back out of his mind. Having entered the same high school as him, Oyamada persistently tries to become Musashi’s pupil. One day, he decides to follow Musashi after school to learn his secrets… as a house-husband?!


6. Stay with Good Boy by Wataru Nanatsuno

In a world where humans and human-like beasts coexist, Yukari comes across an unconscious Shima in the streets. When Shima wakes, he finds himself in a warm bath, being washed by his savior, Yukari. Shima, prejudiced against humans, starts thinking maybe not all humans are bad until he sees Yukari’s scar, the same scar of one of the humans that took Yuki away. Shima, desperate to find Yuki, barges into the underground shop Yukari owns that offers special services from beast to humans. Lo and behold, Yuki is there but is not wanting to go home as Shima imagined. Will Shima be able to return to his village empty-handed? Or will he have to stay in the shop and… work there?


7. Crossing Paths in a Vegetable Garden by Hareya Umako

Seita Okusu had always liked Kiyosawa. Like the shoujo manga he always reads, Seita wishes for a heartfelt romance with him, but Amane seems to always get in the way. Thinking that Amane also has feelings for Kiyosawa, Seita dubs him as his love rival. But Seita’s dream of romance with Kiyosawa crumbles when Kiyosawa introduces his girlfriend to him. Heartbroken, Seita tries to move on by taking care of the garden Kiyosawa is now too busy to tend to. There, he finds Amane, who decided to water the withering plants. Seita then ropes Amane into looking after the garden with him thinking Amane is also heartbroken over Kiyosawa. But is he really?


8. Leave Your Marks on My Back by Rou Nishimoto

Ayumu Satou, a bartender at Bar Crisis, hates how full-fledged adults suddenly lose all decency. A stickler for structure and following rules, Ayumu is not the typical 20- year-old college student. During his usual shift one day, a new face walks through the door, Yoshitaka Bandou. Immediately enticed, Ayumu tends to the new customer. Meeting a mischievous and devilish Yoshitaka, Ayumu becomes further intrigued. Upon the manager’s return to the bar, the mood changes, and suddenly, Ayumu is left alone in the dark. What are they exactly? What is going on under the table? And why does Ayumu want to know more?


9. Dear My Boy by Saki

Young Master Motoi lost his mother at a young age, just after Sumiya, a butler to the Nikaido Family, had been assigned to care for the Young Master. As a result, Young Master Motoi becomes attached to Sumiya and eventually asks him to wear a maid’s dress. Sumiya kindly complies with the Young Master’s wishes up until Motoi is sent to boarding school. The first few days were hard for Sumiya, and then those days turned to weeks, then months, and after seven years apart, Young Master Motoi comes back, but he is definitely not as “Young” as he used to be! What will come of Young Master Motoi’s homecoming? Will the Master/Servant pair be as attached to the hip as they once were… or more?


10. Everyday, Love Me More by Shota Kon

When he was young, Oto would visit his grandma in the summer. But, because he was from Tokyo, Oto had no friends to play with and sat alone in the shade. That was until a boy two years older named Sora came and invited Oto to play with him and his friends. To Oto, Sora was his knight in shining armor and was destroyed when he disappeared the following summer, making Oto regret not communicating his true feelings for Sora. Several years pass, and it’s finally Sora’s last year of high school. All he wants is to focus on studying for his university entrance exams. Sora thought his only distraction would be his loudmouth best friend, but on his first day back, he runs into an old face – or rather, that old face runs into him, professing his love for Sora all the while.


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