To Dear, My Sorrow

Story and Art: Mataaki Kureno

To Dear, My Sorrow
To Dear, My Sorrow
Title : To Dear, My Sorrow

Story and Art : Mataaki Kureno
くれの 又秋

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Shouma Tsuji
Kakeru Ashida
Hardworking and responsible. Is kind and considerate, making him help people in need, including Kakeru.
A seemingly eccentric and goofy person. Drowns his love sorrows via drinking or sex. Currently freeloads at Shouma’s.


Shouma Tsuji was on his way home from work when he finds a drunk man plastered all over a garbage heap. Pitying the man’s state, he decided to help and brought the man to his home. He lets the man use his shower, and once the stranger is all sober and cleaned up, Shouma’s surprised to find that the man he helped was Kakeru Ashida, a school mate from his middle school days. Kakeru was well-known back then, and his gay reputation didn’t exactly endear him to his Shouma’s peers.

Now, looking at an adult Kakeru, Shouma is left with mixed feelings. Kakeru reassures him that he doesn’t really remember much though he points out that Shouma has a kind nature for taking him in. He also shared that he was drowning his sorrows due to another rejection. Kakeru then takes advantage of Shouma’s kindness, which leads to more things than one.
©︎ 2018 Mataaki Kureno/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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