There Is Only One Person Behind Me

Story and Art : Anmin

There Is Only One Person Behind Me
Title : There Is Only One Person Behind Me
Ushiro no Shoumen Hitori dake

Story and Art : Anmin

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



A collection of stories about the magic of love and the power it has by shining a light on those who have been cast aside.

“There is Only One Person Behind Me”: How does one even deal with their lover’s body washed up on shore one day? Mr. Fujiwara goes through just that, but… is it his grief, or is he starting to see double?

“A Bad Human”: Mika and Asakawa met in university and clicked instantly. They had the same interests in music, humor, and hobbies. The one thing that they can’t get in sync with is their daily schedules…

“Cinderella.exe”: In an MMO, you can make your avatar look exactly like yourself or not. Satou is a university student with the online persona of cute and powerful “Maria.” Maria is married to the charming hero “Leonardo”… in the MMO. Will Satou ever be able to take things offline with his game-spouse?

“In Search of Something That Can’t Be Seen”: Ren Kashiwagi is recruiting ghosts. He has been able to see them his entire life, and he is sick of being ridiculed and called a liar. Won’t some kindhearted ghost come and save him from his woes!? Enter a human-like ghost that doesn’t get on too well with his kind. He’s willing to be captured to prove Ren’s point, but first, Ren has to figure out this mystery ghost’s identity!

“Gold, Wheat, and His Reins”: Yuusuke is content doing what he does. A part-time delivery truck driver and the occasional gig as a rope bondage artist. His hobby became his craft after a defining event in high school that made him want to escape, but what will he do when his past comes knocking at his door, or rather, he’s knocking on its door?

“The Vertex of a Triangle”: In the omegaverse, alphas reign superior in all aspects of life. On the other hand, omegas are often used and manipulated to fit alphas’ needs. That is exactly what is happening in front of Shima’s (beta) eyes, who can barely handle it all. His boss Mr. Sakuraba (alpha) relies on him to do the dirty work, and the omegas, in particular, likes to tease and try to seduce him. On top of it all, there’s something else going on behind Shima’s back…

©︎Anmin/Media Soft Ltd. 2016

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