The Trees in Spring

Story and Art: Naka Nakaoka

The Trees in Spring
Title : The Trees in Spring

Story and Art : Naka Nakaoka
中陸 なか

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Yuuki Yugi
Yu Koba
A college student looking for an opportunity to explore himself and his sexuality.
A university researcher who comes to the restaurant that Yuuki works part-time for every Saturday.


Yuuki Yugi is a college student with looks that make girls swoon and hand him their contact information. People envy Yuuki for being attractive and assume he is a playboy, with girls falling for him left and right. But the truth is, Yuuki does not want to be with girls the way they want to be with him. But is he gay? The only way he can confirm or deny that for himself is to try being with a man.

With mixed feelings, insecurities, and doubts from a difficult childhood, Yuuki approaches Yu Koba, a regular at the restaurant Yuuki works for, to answer his questions. Little does he know that Koba has his past to face, much like Yuuki himself.
©︎ Naka Nakaoka 2019/HOME-SHA

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