The Passing Summer

Story : Futaba Aoi, Art : Mitsuba Kurenai

The Passing Summer
The Passing Summer
Title : The Passing Summer
Yuku Natsu

Story : Futaba Aoi

Art : Mitsuba Kurenai

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



“Toy’s Time”: After being drunkenly dared to go to the adult toy store to buy whatever the worker recommends, Takao finds himself in a heart-racingly risky situation! The attractive store owner is a bit too enthusiastic about his merchandise…

“The Lover Next Door”: Mitsuru and his lover, Hitoshi, go at it all the time and forget about the paper thin walls barely separating them from the resident next door. After coincidentally leaving Hitoshi’s apartment at the same time as his neighbor, Mitsuru hears something that would never be heard between two friendly neighbors making small talk: “You’re faking feeling good, aren’t you?”

“The Passing Summer”: In a small town where the hustling bustling life of Tokyo-ites is a foreign concept, a mysterious man from Tokyo buys a house. Shimpei visits the house and gets caught staring at the beautiful man sitting in the doorway…

“After School”: The student council president is perfect. He is calm, cool, and collected. Everybody admires him, wants to do work for him, and hopes to serve him. But the student council president is a people pleaser. He wants to do the work. He wants to serve others and make people happy. Will anybody ever hear his silent plea!?

©Mitsuba Kurenai,Futaba Aoi/NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.・TORICO

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