The Omega Call

Story and Art : Kobuchi

The Omega Call
The Omega Call
Title : The Omega Call
Omega no Sorane

Story and Art : Kobuchi



Shu Iwashiro
Shu is the only omega in a household of alphas. His best friend is Kazushi, an alpha. To protect his family’s status and to continue to go to school, Shu pretends to be a beta. Alienated by his family and keeping secrets from his closest friend, Shu struggles with his new reality.


The second son in a family of alphas, Shu Iwashiro expects to be just like his father and brother. Shu’s life and bright future shatter when he discovers he is an omega. Pressured by his family to hide his true nature, Shu pretends to be a beta. Every day, Shu hides that he is an omega from even his closest friend (and alpha), Kazushi. But, can Shu keep the facade up when his heat begins?

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