The Neighbor I Desire

Story and Art : Makoto

The Neighbor I Desire
The Neighbor I Desire
Title : The Neighbor I Desire
Hoshigari na Rinjin

Story and Art : Makoto

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



Yuta Mori
Soichiro Kominami
A college student with absolutely no interest in food except for, seemingly, the food Soichiro gives him.
A nutritionist for an elementary school. Has an extreme nurturing personality.


Soichiro Kominami cannot get a break from men taking advantage of his naturally giving personality. He exhausts himself in both work and “love” only to be betrayed by his lovers time and time again.

One day, his nature is put to the extreme test when a random college student appears, sitting outside of the door next to Soichiro’s apartment. The result? Well… he invited the mystery man into his home… but only out of the kindness of his heart nothing more than that, he swears! After learning the kind of meals the mystery man, Yuta Mori, has been eating or rather not eating, as a nutritionist, Soichiro. Can’t. Leave. Him. Alone! He begins caring for Yuta’s meals but is Yuta truly the pure college student he appears to be!?

©︎ Makoto/Media Soft Ltd. 2019

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