The Line between Friends and Lovers

Story and Art: Ryotaro

The Line between Friends and Lovers
Title : The Line between Friends and Lovers
Yuu/Ai Line

Story and Art : Ryotaro

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



Sojiro Hata
Yukitada Seno
A cheerful, friendly guy. Looks like one of the characters in Yuki’s favorite drama series.
A voracious manga reader who wishes he had a guy best friend of his own.


Manga Research Club member Yuki has one constant complaint – why are there a lot of comics that make two guys fall in love? Can’t two guys just share the kind of deep, meaningful friendship Yuki wishes he could have for himself? If only every other guy in school didn’t think he was a super-perfect unapproachable prince! When Yuki bumps into a guy who looks like one half of his favorite TV drama bromance, it looks like he’s finally gotten his chance to make his dreams come true – but how long can they stay “just friends”?
©︎ Ryotaro/EIWA Publishing Inc.

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