The Dog Will Not Give Up Unrequited Love

Story and Art: Noriko Kihara

The Dog Will Not Give Up Unrequited Love
The Dog Will Not Give Up Unrequited Love
Title : The Dog Will Not Give Up Unrequited Love
Ichizu na Inu wa Akiramenai

Story and Art : Noriko Kihara
きはら 記子

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Daisuke Akizuki
Yuu Shimazaki
A younger student who admired and loved Yuu for a long time. Serious and earnest. Can be stubborn when he wants to, especially with expressing his feelings for Yuu.
A senior with a habit of sleeping around. Used to be a passionate high-jumper. Has never fallen in love with anyone before.


Yuu Shimazaki, now a senior, is just looking forward to the day he enters college. He spends his time getting intimate with the people he likes. When one almost-sex encounter is interrupted by a younger student, Daisuke Akizuki, Yuu is embarrassed but moves on. That is until he finds out that he and Daisuke now live in the same dormitory. Looking to move the awkwardness away, he talks to Daisuke, whom Yuu is surprised to find taking things smoothly. But when Daisuke suddenly confesses his love for Yuu, things get complicated. For one, Yuu thinks it’s just puppy love on Daisuke’s part, but the latter is determined to prove him wrong. Is Yuu ready for Daisuke’s feelings, especially when he hasn’t fallen in love for real before?
©︎ 2018 Noriko Kihara/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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