Thank You For The Meal, Virgin Cherry

Story and Art : GOmouriki

Virgin Cherry
Title : Thank You For The Meal, Virgin Cherry
Gochisousama, Virgin Cherry

Story and Art : GOmouriki

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.




The eldest son of the Miaki family. Is the number one salesman at a real-estate company.
The youngest son of the Miaki family. His high school’s popular valedictorian.



The second son of the Miaki family. Lost his biological mother at a young age. Oblivious to his own popularity.


Kyoichi and Taisei are the radiant eldest and youngest sons of the Miaki family. Kyoichi is the top salesman in his real-estate company, and Taisei is the valedictorian of his high school and excels in almost everything he does. Although Towa Miaki, the middle son, may seem dull in comparison, he is the glue that holds the entire Miaki family together. Towa’s worst nightmare is to lose his family and brothers, especially after having to go through the loss of his biological mother at a young age.
When Towa was six years old, his father married Kyoichi and Taisei’s mother, and Towa experienced the joys of having a big family and gaining two stepbrothers. Since then 15 years have passed, and the three brothers are as close as ever, not without its obstacles along the way. But now, Towa is content and absolutely overjoyed that his two brothers have straightened out and put their rebellious selves behind them… Or so Towa thought until he bumps into them with strangers around their arms, coming out of a love hotel!
Has Towa’s perfect family been an illusion this whole time!? Or is there a deeper meaning to their rebellion…?
©︎GOmouriki/EIWA Publishing Inc. 2019

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