Thank You Complex!

Story and Art: Umako Hareya

Thank You Complex!
Title : Thank You Complex!
Thank You Complex!

Story and Art : Umako Hareya
晴屋 うまこ

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



Satoru Yuzumura
Eiji Okazawa
A cool looking guy who Eiji finds attractive. Also has an inverted nipple and skips swimming classes like Eiji.
Generally cheerful and has many friends but has an inverted nipple complex and skips swimming class.


School during the hot summer means swimming classes. In his paradise, Eiji Okazawa would be surrounded by topless hunks in the pool if not for one problem: he is deathly self-conscious about his inverted nipple. Trying to hide his little secret, Eiji skips swimming class. Much to his delight, Satoru Yuzumura is also playing hooky. Yuzumura’s secret reason being: trying to hide his inverted nipple. After discovering this, Eiji is beyond thrilled and befriends Yuzumura and proposes a secret nipple training pact to help each other “fix” their nipples and rid their inverted nipple complex for good.
©︎ Umako Hareya/EIWA Publishing Inc.

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