Sweetheart is the Destination

Story and Art: GOmouriki

Sweetheart is the Destination
Title : Sweetheart is the Destination
Ikitsuku Saki wa Amai Koibito

Story and Art : GOmouriki
GO 毛力

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



A financially independent hermit who hated going outside both as a kid and an adult.
Kotaro’s childhood friend and the only person that could make him leave the house.


When they were little, Kotaro and Kazuho promised that they would live together so that Kota didn’t have to go outside to spend time with Kazu. They kept their promise, and now Kazu lives with a hermit who works from home and hates leaving the house.

Kazu, worried about Kota’s health and future, tries to drag him out of the house by inviting him to go on walks and going shopping, to no avail. After some advice from a coworker, he makes one last effort in making Kota go outside by saying he will do anything Kota wants. So… what does Kota want?

©︎ GOmouriki/EIWA Publishing Inc.

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