Survivor’s Guilt: A Player’s Love

Story and Art: Ageha Saotome

Survivor's Guilt: A Player's Love
Title : Survivor’s Guilt: A Player’s Love
Survivor’s Guilt ~Asobinin no Koi~

Story and Art : Ageha Saotome
さおとめ あげは

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



Daisuke Tachibana
Traumatized from an incident that only his close coworker, Kengo knows about. A notorious playboy who hooks up with a different person each night.
Moves in with his older brother, Kengo, to attend a nearby university. Scarred by an incident that leaves him trembling when touched..


It’s been 15 years, and yet every time Daisuke closes his eyes, as if etched onto the back of his eyelids, the tragic scene replays ruthlessly.  
The only other person who knows of his past is his coworker and best friend, Kengo, who sees past his play personality that he has adopted.  
As Daisuke slowly starts to accept that this is and will be his life, a fresh spring breeze blows in his direction, in the form of Kengo’s little brother, a college student named Riku. 
Riku, traumatized in his own way, shows Daisuke a different way of living and forces him to confront himself, whether he wants to or not.

©︎ Ageha Saotome/NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.・TORICO 2017

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