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Hello from futekiya! Our next interview for Creators’ Corner will feature Makuno-sensei, creator of  While You’re Asleep, LUST -Fantasy-, and Scapegoat Baby

If you have questions for Makuno-sensei, you can send them in using the form below! The form will be open until Sunday, October 18, Japan time.

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While You’re Asleep

When Meguru goes with his family to visit his grandparents in the countryside, he learns too late that there is no wireless charging technology anywhere near them. Makoto’s batteries will only last another two days unless he finds a way to charge them. Though he’s disappointed that he won’t get to celebrate New Year’s with his beloved android, he’s also alarmed at his body’s reactions when Makoto gets close to him. It wasn’t like this when he was little, so does this mean that Meguru has romantic feelings for his robot? On the way back home, Meguru leans in to give Makoto a sweet kiss before he wakes up…




LUST -Fantasy-

Kousuke and Yukio meet regularly to eat dinner together as buddies, but in Kousuke’s mind, their relationship is much more intimate and intense than Yukio could ever imagine. When Kousuke goes home, he can clearly see Yukio greeting him on all fours at the front door on a leash, complete with toys and bondage. He keeps his explicit fantasies a secret from Yukio in real life, but at home, he lives a second life with his beloved sex slave who once saved his life from a drunken man with a knife four years ago.





Scapegoat Baby

Aoi greets his regular customer Amamiya at the flower shop where he works, but for some reason today, the pale, handsome Amamiya seems extremely unwell, as if he were feeling anemic. When Amamiya smells a giant bouquet of roses, he seems to feel slightly better, but it isn’t nearly enough. Aoi accompanies him home to make sure he arrives safely, but things for Amamiya may be direr than Aoi realizes. To save Amamiya’s life in this moment of danger, Aoi realizes he may need to supply something much more intimate than flowers!





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