Song of Our Beginning

Story : Mina Nomori, Art : Riyu Yamakami

Title : SWEET: Song of Our Beginning
Hajimari wo Kikasete

Story : Mina Nomori

Art : Riyu Yamakami

Publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.



A stage actor with the whole package. Cast in an emergency to play the main character Aka. Recently parted from his agency, and is now working as a free agent.
A former stage actor turned director. Extremely strict during rehearsals but always gets the results to show for it.
Currently directing his theatrical group’s upcoming play.
A reliable chief and Seri’s boyfriend. Checks his horoscope on the news in the mornings.
Makito’s boyfriend. Has been eccentric since he was a student and spontaneously decides to break up with Makito.
An up-and-coming model who had no semblance of hotness until he got scouted by an agency.
Tetsuya’s bad-mouthed friend who he has relied on since day one. Has known Tetsuya since before he became popular.

A collection of stories about pushing limits and stepping out of comfort zones…

“Song of Our Beginning”: Director Seiji Mimasaka is about one nerve away from blowing up. Nothing seems to be going according to plan for his theatrical group Hey! Fever’s 10th public performance. Mimasaka is at a loss when his star actor is injured and quits the production but leaves it to his trusty producer to find a most fitting replacement, Kairi Higa. Higa is perfect. Almost. And it’s up to sharp-tongued Mimasaka to polish his new egotistical star so that he can put on another spine-tingling production and leave his audience in awe.

“Let Me Hold You”: Ten years is a long time to date someone. But after ten years, you get comfortable with the person you love. Makito thought that these regular days would continue. But one morning, Seri destroys his reality and states that they are breaking up and Seri is moving out in the coming week. WHAT IS GOING ON!? DID MAKITO DO SOMETHING WRONG!? SERI!

“Another Sleepless Night”: Nanaha had known Tetsuya, stage name Te-tsu, since before he became a model and, subsequently, a huge success. Tetsuya used to be a helpless country bumpkin who relied on Nanaha for everything. But now, the recently popular star has ladies falling for him left and right. Will their relationship change now that it seems like Tetsuya can stand on his own two feet, or is Nanaha needed now more than ever?

©Riyu Yamakami,Mina Nomori/NIHONBUNGEISHA Co.,Ltd.・TORICO

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