So Convenient, It’s a Problem

Story and Art : Hatoko Machiya

Title : So Convenient, It’s a Problem
Ii Kankei de Komatteru

Story and Art : Hatoko Machiya

Publisher : Libre Inc.



Stories about the good space between lovers and friends…

“So Convenient, It’s a Problem”: Toba and Togo work together, eat together, and have sex together. They’re not in love per se, but they have a working relationship, and a relationship that’s working. What is there to complain about?

“Under Winter”: Hisashi comes from the neighborhood’s outcast family, the Kazukis, and is ostracized by the other kids in class. But that means nothing to Taichi who just sees a classmate he desperately wants to become friends with. Hisashi is all he can see and Hisashi is all he can think about…

“How About It Being Sparkly?”: Hirai is the new hire that chases after Mr. Hashimoto, his boss. He’s like a puppy thirsting for praise from his boss. Will he ever receive the attention he so desires?

“The Library of Seduction”: Chihiro Sakiya is a librarian at an all-boys school. Seiho Toda is a student in the library committee. Chihiro pretends not to notice, but when they’re alone in the library together, it’s nearly impossible to deny it: Toda’s longing gaze for him.

©Hatoko Machiya/libre

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