Snip, Snail & Puppy Dog Tails

Story and Art: Tomoko Yamashita

Snip, Snail & Puppy Dog Tails
Title : Snip, Snail & Puppy Dog Tails
Snip, Snail & Dogtail
スニップ, スネイル&ドッグテイル

Story and Art : Tomoko Yamashita
ヤマシタ トモコ

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Daiki Miné
Fumie Anjo
A translator. Serious, hardworking, and soft-spoken. Has a hard time expressing himself sometimes.
A bus driver. Friendly and outgoing. Can be stubborn and dense at times.


This is the story about the two of them.

Daiki Miné and Fumie Anjo are opposites of each other. Daiki is a serious, work-oriented translator, while Fumie is a friendly neighborhood bus driver with a girlfriend. But somehow, the two became fast friends, much to the surprise of the people around them. As time passes by, the two find themselves drawn to each other a little bit too much, leaving both of them confused.

When Fumie’s girlfriend breaks with him, he is forced to confront the feelings he had been too dense to realize, try to deny as he might. Meanwhile, Daiki isn’t sure of what his place in Fumie’s life really is.
©︎ 2013 Tomoko Yamashita/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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