Sexy Cool Voice

Story and Art : Kou Fujisaki

Title : Sexy Cool Voice

Story and Art : Kou Fujisaki
藤崎 こう

Publisher : Libre Inc.



A fourth year drama club member known to be the ‘Young Hope of the Theater World.’ He is a very passionate actor. He is in a relationship with Taku and very possessive of him.
A freshman who just joined the Drama Club. He has a pretty face and is the so-called club idol. He is in a secret relationship with Satoshi.
The current club president of the drama club known for his cheery demeanor. He used to dream being a comedian before Tooru scouted him. Currently in a relationship with Tooru.
The scriptwriter and scout of the Drama Club. He was the one who scouted Satoshi and Yoshifumi. Can be shrewd if wants to. Currently in a relationship with Yoshifumi.

Taku had always dreamed of being an actor, so when he passed the college exam for his dream school, it was no question that he would join the Drama Club. Being the pretty face he is, Taku easily fits into the club, though being a freshman is quite tough – especially with the outstanding upperclassmen supporting the club.

One upperclassman stood out from the rest: Satoshi Kurata, a talented, passionate actor with a manly voice. Taku has been told by the members of the drama club that Satoshi is untouchable. In short, they’re worlds apart. But what the members of the club didn’t know was Taku is in a relationship with Satoshi himself. That said, Taku always ends up second-guessing their relationship most of the time, as he isn’t sure if Satoshi really loves him or just lusts after his body.

Well, he’s about to find out.

©Kou Fujisaki/libre

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