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Hello from futekiya! Our Creators’ Corner will also feature Midori Iwasawa, creator of Mayrow, Hard Biscuits, and Bird and Horse! If you have questions for Midori Iwasawa-sensei, you can send them in using the form below! The form will be open until May 5, 2021 Japan time.

This survey doesn’t require any personal information beyond your country of residence. Also, please only complete this poll if you are over 18 years of age.



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In a dwelling on the roof of a public bathhouse, crocodile “Gera Gera” gets waken up by his human housemate, his self-professed lover Ikkoku. They work for the Public Works and Construction of Viva City, the one dark shadow in the popular tourist planet Dyna Blue. When Mayor Celdy commissions them for a job to deactivate the core of a prehistoric military facility, is there anything they should be looking out for underground in particular? And how much are they even going to get paid for this!?



Hard Biscuits

Roppa Watanabe’s been having a no-good, terrible day, but when unfortunate encounters with bratty kids and a gang member lead to him meeting a drop-dead gorgeous angel, he can’t help but fall in love at first sight! Sure the “angel” ran off with his wallet, but he still kinda wants to meet them again… but before that, he’s in the market for a mechanic, does anyone have any recommendations?



Bird and Horse

After committing numerous unforgivable acts of violence, the town decides to exile Bromei. The town priest says this was all due to his unlucky birth, his family said he should have never been born, and the town calls him a demon, but here in the Isle of Trees, can he finally be free of all these restraints? What kind of life can he find together with the mysterious army doctor, Fiance?



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