Secret of My Uniform

Story and Art : Hanmi Itoyoshi

Secret of My Uniform
Secret of My Uniform
Title : Secret of My Uniform
Sailor Fuku no Naisho

Story and Art : Hanmi Itoyoshi
糸由 はんみ

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Secret of My Uniform presents five different stories relating to clothing:
“When He Took Off My Shirt” tells the story of college student Hibino and art student Saeki. Hibino, having the ideal body, is asked by Saeki to become his nude model to which Hibino agrees since he’d had feelings for Saeki for a long time.
In “An innocent School Uniform,” bored college student Ryouhei spends his life going fling after fling until he meets Kenta, a high school student frequenting at an arcade who proceeds to beat Ryouhei at any fighting game. Kenta sparks Ryouhei’s interest, but will he be just like Ryouhei’s past flings?

“The Secret behind the Sailor Suit” narrates the story of serious high school student Tooru Tainaka and his oddball classmate Matsuri Shinonome, who always wears a sailor suit even though male in gender. Both were classmates back in middle school, and both of them has something in their past that they want to change and hide.
In “After the Suit,” Matsushita and Aki are lovers, who work in the same company, but their relationship is kept a secret. Aki badly wants to stake his claim on Matsushita amongst the latter’s sea of admirers.
“Miniature Garden Life” tells the story of college students Asahi and Takahashi, who kept their dating relationship under the wraps for seven years. With choices of their future looming in, will they be able to stay together for long?
© Hanmi Itoyoshi/J Publishing

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