Secret Love

Story and Art: Tokishiba

Secret Love
Secret Love
Title : Secret Love
Himegoto Renbo

Story and Art : Tokishiba

Publisher : EIWA Publishing Inc.



Souichi Yamato
Yoshitaka Aki
Aki’s lover and dormmate. Has only eyes for Aki and is tactile with his affections. Likes helping Aki anyway he can.
Yamato’s lover and dormmate. Has a very keen intellect and cool demeanor. Is idolized by everyone.


Shiba Hall is one of the dorms usually reserved for the student activists group ‘Rebirth’ at Tokyo Shintei University. Yamato and Aki are dormmates of the said hall and are in a secret relationship. They’ve had their room to themselves up until the present, that is. With a new school year coming, more students have applied to the dorm, and now, they have to share their room with the upcoming students. Due to their busy schedule and organization’s duties, their trysts take a back seat, which frustrates Yamato to no end. When the pair almost gets caught due to Yamato unable to control his frustrations, Aki becomes distant, and Yamato is at a loss. Is it all over for them now?
©︎ Kaya Azuma/EIWA Publishing Inc.

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