Release Dates for EIWA Publishing Boys’ Love (BL) Manga Titles

Hello from futekiya! Brace yourselves as the first batch of one-shot Boys’ Love (BL) manga titles of EIWA Publishing we announced is coming next week!


Sweetheart is the Destination   

Japanese title: いきつく先はあまい恋人 (Ikitsuku Saki wa Amai Koibito)
Art and Story: GOmouriki
Release Date: November 30, 2020

When they were little, Kotaro and Kazuho promised that they would live together so that Kota didn’t have to go outside to spend time with Kazu. They kept their promise, and now Kazu lives with a hermit who works from home and hates leaving the house.

Kazu, worried about Kota’s health and future, tries to drag him out of the house by inviting him to go on walks and going shopping, to no avail. After some advice from a coworker, he makes one last effort in making Kota go outside by saying he will do anything Kota wants. So… what does Kota want?


Thank You Complex!

Japanese title: サンキューコンプレックス!(Thank You Complex!)
Art and Story: Umako Hareya
Release Date: November 30, 2020

School during the hot summer means swimming classes. In his paradise, Eiji Okazawa would be surrounded by topless hunks in the pool if not for one problem: he is deathly self-conscious about his inverted nipple. Trying to hide his little secret, Eiji skips swimming class. Much to his delight, Satoru Yuzumura is also playing hooky. Yuzumura’s secret reason being: trying to hide his inverted nipple. After discovering this, Eiji is beyond thrilled and befriends Yuzumura and proposes a secret nipple training pact to help each other “fix” their nipples and rid their inverted nipple complex for good.


My Younger Childhood Friend is Just my Type

Japanese title: 好みのタイプは年下幼なじみ (Konomi no Type wa Toshishita Osananajimi)
Art and Story: Hagi Fukura
Release Date: November 30, 2020

Three years after leaving his hometown to study in Tokyo, Taku comes home to see that his adorable younger childhood friend Keisuke has grown up to be a fine, fine man. What’s worse, buff, tall Keisuke’s become the exact kind of man Taku would love to have in bed! Taku knows he’s gotta keep it all in if he wants to save their pure-hearted friendship, but how’s he gonna do that when Keisuke’s just seen one of his very special magazines?


Which Me Do You Like the Most?

Japanese title: お前好みの俺はどれ? (Omae Gonomi no Ore wa Dore?)
Art and Story: Tokishiba
Release Date: December 1, 2020

It’s the year 2117, and scientist Youichi just had the scientific breakthrough of his dreams – he’s made two clone selves, both with strikingly different personalities! All of this is just so he can find out what kind of guy his crush Fubuki is into – does he like the flashy, flirty type? Or the mature, reliable type? Things go awry when Youichi’s clones come up with their own plan and bring Fubuki to the lab – why dance in circles around him when they can just ask him outright?


Unraveled Cherry

Japanese title: ほどけるチェリー (Hodokeru Cherry)
Art and Story: Abuku
Release Date: December 2, 2020

Chiharu’s been doing pretty well for himself recently. He has a fulfilling job he enjoys, and a super-hot boyfriend who picks him up every day on his big bike…what’s not to love? What’s not to love is that from the very start of their relationship, his younger boyfriend Tomoya has been making up rules for their romance – rules that say they can’t go further than hugging until Tomoya graduates from college! Tomoya probably means well, but Chiharu’s restraint can’t take it any longer…will his plan work?


The Crumbling Balance

Japanese title: 崩れる天秤 (Kuzureru Tenbin)
Art and Story: Kaya Azuma
Release Date: December 3, 2020

When Euris comes to, he finds himself strapped to a table, bound by tough belts, a straitjacket, and a muzzle. Where is he? Who is this evil man in the lab coat? How does he know Euris’s name… and how to make him moan and whimper? Something is off and it’s not just Euris’s pants. Will he regain his memory before it’s too late? Will Euris accept his new truth and reality?


Secret Love

Japanese title: 秘事恋慕 (Himegoto Renbo)
Art and Story: Tokishiba
Release Date: December 3, 2020

Shiba Hall is one of the dorms usually reserved for the student activists group ‘Rebirth’ at Tokyo Shintei University. Yamato and Aki are dormmates of the said hall and are in a secret relationship. They’ve had their room to themselves up until the present, that is. With a new school year coming, more students have applied to the dorm, and now, they have to share their room with the upcoming students. Due to their busy schedule and organization’s duties, their trysts take a back seat, which frustrates Yamato to no end. When the pair almost gets caught due to Yamato unable to control his frustrations, Aki becomes distant, and Yamato is at a loss. Is it all over for them now?


The Line between Friends and Lovers

Japanese title: 友/愛ライン(Yuu/Ai Line)
Art and Story: Ryotaro
Release Date: December 4, 2020

Manga Research Club member Yuki has one constant complaint – why are there a lot of comics that make two guys fall in love? Can’t two guys just share the kind of deep, meaningful friendship Yuki wishes he could have for himself? If only every other guy in school didn’t think he was a super-perfect unapproachable prince! When Yuki bumps into a guy who looks like one half of his favorite TV drama bromance, it looks like he’s finally gotten his chance to make his dreams come true – but how long can they stay “just friends”?


Secret Love at Fukurokudou

Japanese title: 福禄堂秘恋譚 (Fukurokudo Hirentan)
Art and Story: Haruta
Release Date: December 5, 2020

En is a medicinal master who runs a Chinese Herbal Medicine shop with his apprentice, Tao. Despite being a well-sought medicine master, En tends to be lascivious and pleasures himself with the company of other men, much to the ire of Tao, who has feelings of attraction for his master and tries his best to hide it. Unfortunately for Tao, he isn’t exactly subtle, and En knows about his infatuation. En then proceeds to tease his cute apprentice and propose that Tao be his bed partner instead.


That Honor Student has a Naughty Secret

Japanese title: その優等生、ヒミツあり (Sono Yuutousei, Himitsu Ari)
Art and Story: Setsu
Release Date: December 6, 2020

Nanami is a regular customer at the hair salon where Soga works. Soga is all too happy to style Nanami’s hair; in fact, he adores it, texture and all. He wants to have a chance to style Nanami’s hair besides the usual side part look that the high school boy is stubbornly maintaining. Unknown to Soga, Nanami is harboring feelings for him but is too hesitant to admit it. Will Soga be able to figure out what’s really going on with Nanami?


* Release dates and English titles may change without prior notice.


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