Rec me

Story and Art: JIL Hashikura

Rec me
Rec me
Title : Rec me

Story and Art : JIL Hashikura
端倉 ジル

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Yusuke Omichi
Tsukasa Nishimori
A famous actor with a domineering personality. Loves Tsukasa so much he gets jealous of anyone who comes near him.
Also a famous actor. Known as Chizuru in the showbiz industry. Can be seductive when he wants to and likes to rile up Yusuke.


Yusuke and Chizuru are known actors in the showbiz industry. To everyone else, they appear to be amicable work colleagues, but off cam, they are in a secret and complicated sexual relationship. While their relationship just sort of happened, Yusuke wants nothing but to monopolize Chizuru, but the latter is insistent on riling him up by seducing other people. At times, Yusuke finds something familiar about Chizuru here and there, and it seems Chizuru has his secrets and a plan he’s been plotting for all this time.
©︎ 2019 JIL Hashikura/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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