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♡From June 29 until July 5, 2022

My Sweet Home by Miu Kouda

Yuu has fond memories of his childhood at his grandpa’s house and playing games with his step-cousin Hatahiko. So when Yuu arrives in Tokyo to attend university, he is beyond excited to see him again after all these years. But Grandpa back in Akita warns Yuu that “Hatahiko’s changed a lot since moving to Tokyo.” Perplexed, Yuu can’t imagine a Hatahiko that isn’t kind and gentle like he used to be. Do his grandpa’s words have something to do with why Hatahiko doesn’t visit home anymore?…




From July 6 until July 12, 2022

A Real Fortune-telling Disaster by Ayako Muro

Real Zama’s first and last love ended because a fortune teller said there was zero compatibility. A few years later, Real has become that very thing: a fortune teller. But, rather than taking advantage of poor wandering souls for their fat wallets, Real tells it like it is and has earned the reputation of being a harsh fortune teller.

One day, when a sickly looking Shoujirou Futami walks in and explains how another fortune teller had told him to drink a suspicious bottled substance called “Vital Hydrogen Water,” Real advises he go to the police and to stop drinking the mystery liquid before it’s too late.

A month later, the transformed Shoujirou appears in front of Real to repay him for his help. Although his naivety and lack of awareness anger Real, he may be the only person to lean on when Real is in trouble!




From July 13 until July 19, 2022

The Man on the Other Side by Poteto Ueno

Sano, who can’t seem to connect with anyone at all – not his family, not his coworkers – turns to SNS instead. One day, he decides to finally meet up with one of his mutual followers, “S.” His Internet friend turns out to be Narumi, a handsome young actor whose popularity recently shot through the roof! Although Narumi’s behavior seems to hint at something bubbling beneath the surface, Sano can’t shake off the feeling that he’s probably being toyed around with… An emotional, heart-piercing BL between a handsome actor and a salaryman who doesn’t do communication.




From July 20 until July 26, 2022

Mr. Levi and Me by Masaru Masa

After an off day, Shougo can’t believe his bad luck when he comes across a moral dilemma: leave the strange man sleeping in the street to rest there, or tell him that it’s dangerous and let him rest at his studio apartment. Shougo, unable to leave the man be, makes sure he is okay and ends up letting him stay at his home indefinitely. Levi, the man Shougo found, is on a working holiday in Japan but was tricked by his friend, leaving him with no place to sleep or work. He shows gratitude by doing whatever he thinks Shougo wants him to do, including taking care of private matters that Shougo tried to keep a secret. Conflicted, Shougo avoids Levi to try to work out his emotions on his own. But once he does realize, will Shougo make it before Levi’s time in Japan is up?





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