Public Sex

Story and Art : Rihara

Public Sex
Public Sex
Title : Public Sex

Story and Art : Rihara

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Sei Mishima
Kuniharu Konno

A simple yet very dependable college student. Tends to worry about Kanao most of the time. A bit late in realizing his feelings for Kanao and has a hidden possessive streak.
The easy-going neighbor who lives next to Sei and Kanao. A bit of a voyeur to Sei and Kanao’s relationship and has a perverted obsession with Kanao.


Kanao Morimura
A shy and smart college student. Quite reserved towards everyone around him except Sei, and determined to keep the latter by his side using any means necessary. Has a twisted family past, which causes him to act the way he does.


Sei and Kanao have been friends since middle school, and now, they are roommates in college and look out for each other. But when Sei discovers Kanao’s secret, things take a big turn for their relationship – not only in friendship but also in sex. It turns out that public sex turns Kanao on, and Sei indulges him, thinking that they were just friends with benefits. But when their neighbor, Konno, expresses his interest in the two’s relationship, including their sex escapades, things get a bit more complicated than usual.
©Rihara/J Publishing

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