Possessed By A Ghost

Story and Art: Una Donburi

Possessed By A Ghost
Possessed By A Ghost
Title : Possessed By A Ghost
Yuureikun Tsuitemasu♥

Story and Art : Una Donburi
丼 うな

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Ryouta Gotou
Taiga Yamakawa
A university student trying to live a normal college life. The only one who can see and touch Taiga’s ghost, for some reason.
The ex-delinquent ghost haunting Ryouta’s apartment. A bit temperamental but very responsible. Was an elder brother to his siblings back when he was alive.

Ryouta Gotou wants to live the dream university life: get through college in one piece and maybe get a girlfriend. But instead, he finds himself being haunted by a ghost in the apartment he lives in. The ghost, a young delinquent named Taiga, for some reason, won’t leave Ryouta alone. While Ryouta had earlier misgivings about Taiga due to his temper, Taiga is actually capable – he cooks, cleans, and is more responsible than Ryouta himself. Living with a ghost might not be so bad after all.
© Una Donburi / Julian Publishing (2014)

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