Pornographer Playback

Story and Art: Maki Marukido

Pornographer Playback
Pornographer Playback
Title : Pornographer Playback
Zoku Pornographer Playback
續・ポルノグラファー プレイバック

Story and Art : Maki Marukido
丸木戸 マキ

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Haruhiko Kuzumi
Rio Kijima
Used to help transcribe Kijima’s stories after he accidentally injured Kijima’s arm.
An erotic novelist who formerly tried to make it as a literary novelist.


*This story begins after Pornographer.*

Rio, incompetent with technology, usually with a phone on 0% battery, and Kuzumi, a slave to his new job as an advertiser with no time to write to Rio, struggle to work through their long-distance relationship.

Rio one day childishly runs away from home and, after a series of events, hurts his arm (again) and starts rooming with the instigator of his injury.

Kuzumi, on the other hand, tries to confront Rio to do something about their relationship… but can Kuzumi find him and manage to bring him back?

©︎ 2019 Maki Marukido/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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