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Pornographer: Playback Stage Greeting

"Haru-kun chose today's glasses."

(from L-R: Munehiro Yoshida, Kenta Izuka, Terunosuke Takezai, and director Koichiro Miki)

To commemorate the theatrical release of Pornographer Playback, a special stage greeting with a simultaneous live-viewing was held in Tokyo last February 26th. Actors Terunosuke Takezai together with Kenta Izuka, Munehiro Yoshida, and director Koichiro Miki were the guests of honor.

Pornographer Playback the Movie is the sequel film of the live-action adaptation of Maki Marukido sensei’s BL manga entitled Pornographer. Its first live-action series premiered in 2018 on FOD a Fuji TV streaming service platform, which was then followed by a second series called Mood Indigo in 2019. Both live-action series and the film were directed by Miki Koichiro and starred Terunosuke Takezai as Rio Kijima, Kenta Izuka as Haruhiko Kuzumi, and Munehiro Yoshida as Shiro Kido.


(Takezai, Izuka, and Kido greeting the audience)


The film’s stage greeting opened up with the emcee’s welcome address followed by the introduction and entrance of all four guests. It officially kicked off as each guest greeted the audience and delivered a short message. Takezai boasted in his slow calm voice that today’s glasses were selected by Haru-kun which made everyone burst out laughing.

The guests were asked about their impressions, thoughts during the film’s shooting until now, and their teamwork for they have worked on two series and this movie for three years. Throughout the session, it is evident how comfortable the actors and the director with each other as they interacted and joked with each other.

During the talk event, Takezai who played the role of Rio admitted that he has never experienced being involved in a role for three years that concluded with a movie, so he is really happy to be part of something that is greatly supported by fans. As for Izuka who played Haruhiko, he wished for everyone to accept his feelings of gratitude that he poured into this project. He had never dreamed of being able to meet everyone in front of the big screen like this—that he is so happy to wrap up the trilogy in the form of a movie with the help and support of everyone. On the other hand, Kido’s actor Munehiro Yoshida is such a jolly fellow onstage contrary to his role of a serious and businesslike editor. He easily got side-tracked during the conversations much to the amusement of everyone.

As for Director Miki’s involvement in Pornographer’s film version, he said that he was a bit particular in terms of trying to add various details. He did a lot of directing for the tv series but as it progressed on up to the movie they have now, Takezai and Izuka started acting their kissing scenes and other exchanges on their own so he didn’t have much to add to their on-screen interactions. He praised the two actors for their teamwork and disclosed that the two were so close he felt uncomfortable. In response, Takezai pointed out to director Miki that it’s because he told them before that there seems to be a distance between them. Izuka came to the rescue and added that after that, they switched into their Rio and Haruhiko modes.


(Kenta Izuka surprised Terunosuke Takezai with a handwritten letter)


At the end of the event, a surprise was prepared for Takezai (Rio’s actor) in which Izuka (Haruhiko’s actor) read his handwritten letter thanking the other actor for working together on this project and playing the role of Rio Kijima.

In the letter, he expressed how grateful he is to work alongside Takezai who took care of not just him but also the staff around him. He thanked him for guiding and showing him the ropes during their takes, and for how he could rely on the other as an actor and bask in the world of Pornographer.


(Takezai inspects Izuka’s handwritten letter)

After reading the letter, Izuka presented it to Takezai in which the other one received and thanked him for it. When prodded by the emcee to say more about Izuka’s letter, Takezai jokingly quipped to stop with this kind of surprise in his lazy voice. “I like the way you write,” added Takezai as he glossed over the letter, “such beautiful handwriting, thank you.” Misty-eyed, he humorously uttered, “I’m not crying.”

At the end of the event, Takezai mentioned that he heard various voices from overseas fans who wanted to watch the film and assured them not to give up on the idea. Even if overseas fans aren’t in the position to watch it now, their excellent staff will surely make it possible for them to see it in the future. He then concluded it by thanking everyone who supported them from the very start of the series until the movie.

The main series Pornographer opens up with a strange encounter between Rio Kijima, a writer that specializes in erotic novels, and Haruhiko Kuzumi, a naive college student, and their budding affection as they get to spend more time and learn more about each other. The second series Mood Indigo is the prequel arc that touches on the relationship between Rio Kijima and Shiro Kido before the latter became his editor. Pornographer Playback the Movie follows the troubles and uncertainties of a long-distance relationship as Rio moves back to his parents’ house while Kuzumi enters the corporate slave world in the city.

Pornographer, Mood Indigo, and Pornographer Playback have all been officially licensed in English digitally under futekiya.


Pornographer: Playback Screening Details

Release Date February 26 – March 18, 2021 (three-week limited screening)
List of theaters https://eigakan.org/theaterpage/schedule.php?t=pornographermovie
Ticket 1,800 JPY
Official Site https://pornographer-movie.jp/ (in Japanese only)
Goods https://froovie.jp/shop/c/cporno/


Official Trailer

Pornographer: Playback Official Site: https://pornographer-movie.jp/
Pornographer: Playback Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/pgpb_movie


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