Orison: A Wish A Prayer

Story and Art: Seina Anji

Orison: A Wish A Prayer
Orison: A Wish A Prayer
Title : Orison: A Wish A Prayer
Koinegau Orizonte

Story and Art : Seina Anji
星名 あんじ

Publisher : Julian Publishing



Kaito Fuse
Nagisa Sengoku

Dependable, cheeky, and a big-hearted person. Nagisa’s childhood friend and son of the Head of the Fisherman’s Union in the village.
A hardworking person aiming to become a novelist. Tends to hide his feelings most of the time.


Nagisa finds himself back to the small fishing village he once called home after overworking himself. Memories, some of them painful, and regrets come rising as he is reunited with his childhood best friend, Kaito. If anything, Kaito is the last person Nagisa wanted to see. He reminds him of the reasons why he left in the first place. Even after everything, Nagisa’s feelings had never changed, and he is doing everything he can to keep it from surfacing. As unfortunate events in the small fishing village come to light, will the two of them ever find closure? Or will they be stuck in the memories of the past?
© Seina Anji / Julian Publishing

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