Open the Door and Look at Me.

Story and Art: Erica Shibutani

Open the Door and Look at Me.
Title : Open the Door and Look at Me.
Tobira wo akete, boku dakewo mite.

Story and Art : Erica Shibutani
澁谷 エリカ

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Mamoru Fujisaki
Aoi Ichinomiya
The handsome President of Sundries Wholesale Company. A regular customer of the store where Aoi works. Also likes listening to records and has a collection of them.
A brand manager. Work-oriented and good at dealing with customers. He likes listening to records.


Aoi is a hardworking brand manager of a branch office. When his superior gets transferred to the main office, Aoi is entrusted with one of his regular customers, Mamoru Fujisaki, the President of Sundries Wholesale Company.

When introduced to Mamoru, the man implies that he hopes to get close to Aoi. Aoi is skeptical about considering Mamoru as just a customer until the two of them find a common passion for music records. Aoi surprisingly has fun at Mamoru’s company. Aoi and Mamoru eventually enter a relationship but gradually realize that there are secrets between them… Will these secrets end up hindering their relationship?

©︎ Erica Shibutani 2019/HOME-SHA

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