One-sided Love x Alliance

Story and Art : Tomato Machida

One-sided Love x Alliance
One-sided Love x Alliance
Title : One-sided Love x Alliance
Katakoi × Alliance

Story and Art : Tomato Machida
町田 とまと

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Akito Shibusawa
Masaki Kiriya

A third-year high school student who has a crush on Kiriya
A high school math teacher who is in love with a fellow teacher


Akito fell in love the moment he saw Kiriya, a part-time math instructor, while on the school’s rooftop. Even though they have never talked, Akito looks forward to every time he can spy on Kiriya from the rooftop. One day when Akito sees Kiriya, Akito rushes in to see why this math teacher is crying alone.
In a panic, Akito asks Kiriya to teach him math. As they spend more time together, Akito realizes Kiriya is in love with another teacher at their school. Akito refuses to give up on Kiriya, though, and proposes they enter a One-sided Love x Alliance!
©Tomato Machida/Home-Sha Inc.

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