On the Night of Falling Stars, Love Keeps On

Story and Art: Jino Koiwo

On the Night of Falling Stars, Love Keeps On
Title : On the Night of Falling Stars, Love Keeps On
Hoshi Furu Yoru wa Koi no tsuzuki wo

Story and Art : Jino Koiwo
恋緒 ジノ

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



A collection of four different love stories, all under a sky full of stars.

“Continue of Love at Starry Night”: Playboy Nagi and shy Hanabusa have been childhood friends since their days at the after school children’s center. Nagi, always fooling around, proposes something to Hanabusa, but… is he being serious or playing with him like always?

“My Precious Mentor with a Suit”: Hani and Kotetsu met in university but were as different as could be. Wanting to be close to Hani, the former star student and now successful businessman, Kotetsu decides to become a security guard at Hani’s workplace.

“Aswad”: The plan was to organize a celebration for his father’s birthday. But Master Edgar didn’t know the ordeal he would get into or the peculiar person he would meet when he visited the party’s extravagant venue.

“Tsubaki and Yukimaru”: Yukimaru is a mere human. To study its societies and culture, he moved to a town famous for hosting an ancient demon when a stray cat, Tsubaki, starts showing up at his house. Can Yukimaru protect Tsubaki the Stray from the dangers of the world, or will he be the one being protected in the end?
©︎ Jino Koiwo/Media Soft Ltd. 2019

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