Office Love Sickness

Story and Art: Ronoji Takada

Office Love Sickness
Office Love Sickness
Title : Office Love Sickness
Shanai koiwazurai -Ore, kaisya no kouhai ni ikenai koto sareteimasu-

Story and Art : Ronoji Takada
高田 ロノジ

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Kippei Takatou
Satsuki Wada
Seen in the office as a manly man. A good worker suspected of trying to climb the ranks in the office.
The office pretty boy with a cool and collected demeanor. Kippei’s senior in the office.


Satsuki and Kippei are your regular coworkers. Kippei is Satsuki’s subordinate and listens to his requests like handing out papers and… kissing him?! Correction: Satsuki and Kippei are NOT your regular coworkers.

Their physical relationship started thanks to a mix-up with hotel rooms on a business trip, and since then, they have fulfilled each other’s carnal needs and acted like friendly coworkers at the office.

Satsuki starts wanting more with Kippei but decides it better to stay as they are to avoid ruining their relationship. But will they be able to stay work partners for long?
©︎ Ronoji Takada 2019/HOME-SHA

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