Now That’s a Teacher!

Story and Art: Uni Shindo

Now That's a Teacher!
Now That's a Teacher!
Title :Now That’s a Teacher!
Sore wa Sensei

Story and Art : Uni Shindo
進藤 ウニ

Publisher : Group-Zero



Shigeru Nitta
Koji Tsukino
A senior math teacher who used to teach Koji during his student days. Level-headed and gentle, but you wouldn’t ever want to see him angry!
A former delinquent who became inspired to become a teacher after Mr. Nitta came into his life – but he can’t seem to remember why!


Koji Tsukino returns to his old high school as its new math teacher. From his long hair to his cold, aggressive nature, Koji looks nothing like your usual teacher and everything like the former delinquent he was. Assigned as his supervisor is Mr. Nitta, who used to teach his math supplementary lessons. Koji may pretend to be indifferent towards him, but don’t get him wrong – he only became a teacher because of Mr. Nitta! If that’s the case, then why won’t he just say so?
© Uni Shindo / Group-Zero

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