Noche de Primavera

Story and Art: Ritsuno

Noche de Primavera
Noche de Primavera
Title : Noche de Primavera
Primavera no Yoru

Story and Art : Ritsuno



Taro’s brother. Quiet, but gentle in nature. Has lead his people as Chief since he was 15 years old. A hunter, he also knows a lot about edible plants and medicinal herbs and teaches his brother all sorts of things. His pet deer is named Trueno, Viento’s brother, a fine stag with a brave spirit.
A 16-year-old brimming with curiosity. Lost his father, the Chief, when he was ten years old. His brother Jiro raised him after that. He is good at housework. His pet deer is named Viento, still a young stag, but runs like the wind.


The last of their people, Jiro and Taro are nomad brothers who have suffered an unimaginable tragedy. The loss of their father, the Chief, marked the reality that the brothers only had each other to rely on.
Years pass, and Jiro has taken on the role of Chief. Waking up one morning to find the cold winter days have finally retreated and the fresh spring season knocking at their door, Jiro and Taro begin their migration. What will the new spring breeze bring to their journey?
©︎ Ritsuno

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