My Little Inferno

Story and Art: Nemui Asada

My Little Inferno
My Little Inferno
Title : My Little Inferno

Story and Art : Nemui Asada
朝田 ねむい

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Mayumi Magami
Hitoshi Arai
Also known as ‘Mah.’ Very imposing due to his large build and has many secrets. He is very skilled with computers and technology and can hack into anything.
An average college student who thinks he is mediocre in every way. Easily stressed and anxious. He was often bullied in the past for being fat.


Hitoshi Arai is just an average college student with a mediocre life. During high school, he was bullied for being fat and got stressed and anxious easily. He had hoped that college would give him a fresh new start, but he remains his ordinary lone self.

One night on his way home from his part-time job, Hitoshi accidentally bumps his bag of groceries into a car. He immediately inspects the car to see if he left any scratches while internally musing about Aladdin’s story. He is surprised when the trunk of the car pries itself opens, revealing an intimidating figure of a man who proceeds to take advantage of Hitoshi by letting him stay at his home. Intimidated and scared, Hitoshi does what the man wants. The man introduces himself as ‘Mah’ and thus, begins complicating Hitoshi’s ordinary life.

©︎ 2019 Nemui Asada/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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