My First Love: Big Honey

Story and Art : Jita

Title : My First Love: Big Honey
Hatsukoi Big Honey

Story and Art : Jita

Publisher : Media Soft Ltd.



A collection of stories about the unexplainable pangs that prickle your heart during the beginning stages of love.

“My First Love: Big Honey”: Tatsunori goes through relationships (and break-ups) like the seasons. He can only date guys that he finds attractive, guys that look like Keito, an old, unrequited love from high school. And as luck would have it, Tatsu and Keito meet again in university, but Keito looks nothing like he used to in high school.

“Roommates and Physical Bonding”: Kensei welcomes John, a foreign exchange student from America, into his apartment as a new roommate, a decision Kensei has regretted ever since, as John is a stickler for tidiness while Kensei is… well… not. Will the two ever be able to coexist peacefully? Or maybe there is some heart behind their bickering?

“Lovers’ Stairway”: Masa and Fuji know that everybody is doing it; they even witnessed it themselves in the school bathroom. But all they’ve ever done is a kiss. What will they do when a golden opportunity arises and they find themselves alone in a locked room?

“If This Feeling Can Be Called Love”: Misono has always been the shining star on a clear path to success. With top grades and social skills in high school, no one was surprised when he graduated from a famous university and entered a big-name trading company. But even on his elite path, there was one person Misono could never win over, much to his frustration. Sakura, the weird outcast of his class and was always unimpressed by Misono’s eliteness. What was it about Sakura that made Misono tick? And why is he still frustrated even when they meet again years after high school?

©︎Jita/Media Soft Ltd. 2019

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