My Dear Pillow

Story and Art : Kazusa Naruse

My Dear Pillow
My Dear Pillow
Title : My Dear Pillow
Itoshi no Makura-chan

Story and Art : Kazusa Naruse
成瀬 一草

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Chihiro Kuno
Yuki Tsuya

A popular but busy music producer who mistook a new client for a call boy and was forced to accept his job proposal to make amends.
A small-town talent producer who came to Tokyo to work with a popular music producer but finds himself getting pushed down in a hotel bedroom!


Tsuya comes to Tokyo to hire popular music producer Chihiro Kuno to write some songs for his group of small-town pop stars back home, but he certainly didn’t expect to be pushed down on the bed and mistaken for a male escort the moment he meets the guy. As his luck continues to worsen, Tsuya loses his wallet and is forced to stay with Chihiro for a week until his schedule calms down enough to go back with him to the countryside to write the songs they need. When they finally arrive, Kuno realizes they’ve got a lot of work to do if they want to whip that singing group into shape.
© Kazusa Naruse 2019/Home-Sha Inc.

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