Mr. Levi and Me

Story and Art: Masaru Masa

Mr. Levi and Me
Title : Mr. Levi and Me
LEVIsan to ore -ariyori no happiness-

Story and Art : Masaru Masa

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



An artist staying in Japan on a working holiday. Bailed on by his friend and now has no place to live or work.
A part-time worker with a distinct way of speaking. Is very emotional especially when the topic concerns grandparents.


After an off day, Shougo can’t believe his bad luck when he comes across a moral dilemma: leave the strange man sleeping in the street to rest there, or tell him that it’s dangerous and let him rest at his studio apartment. Shougo, unable to leave the man be, makes sure he is okay and ends up letting him stay at his home indefinitely.

Levi, the man Shougo found, is on a working holiday in Japan but was tricked by his friend, leaving him with no place to sleep or work. He shows gratitude by doing whatever he thinks Shougo wants him to do, including taking care of private matters that Shougo tried to keep a secret. Conflicted, Shougo avoids Levi to try to work out his emotions on his own. But once he does realize, will Shougo make it before Levi’s time in Japan is up?
©︎ Masaru Masa 2019/HOME-SHA

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