Mourning and New Departure

Story and Art: Iroha Megu

Mourning and New Departure
Mourning and New Departure
Title : Mourning and New Departure
Mofuku no Hanayome

Story and Art : Iroha Megu
芽玖 いろは

Publisher : Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.



Haruki Goto
Yukito Tsukishima
A taxi driver who happened to pick Yukito up after his “dinner.” Eats at the same cafe almost every day and likes reading to get his mind off work.
Son of famous writer Haruki Tsukishima. Writes anonymously for a monthly magazine column himself. Abused by his unstable father but still respects him as a writer.


Yukito is treated poorly by the adults around him. His mother left him with his stepfather when he was young. His stepfather started abusing him soon after, as Yukito grew to look more and more like his absent mother. Yukito is sexually targeted by his elders, even his father’s colleague, who forces himself onto him at a dinner that he attended instead of his father.

Haruki Goto is the taxi driver that picked Yukito up after the “dinner.” Half conscious and unable to walk, Haruki tries to carry Yukito but is caught off guard when Yukito punches him in the face.

Will Yukito remember this night? What happens when they meet again, but this time with Yukito’s father also in the car?
©︎ 2019 Iroha Megu/SHODENSHA Publishing CO.,LTD.

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