More than a Play Bite

Story and Art: Tsuruko

More than a Play Bite
Title : More than a Play Bite
amagami dakedewa Sumasanai

Story and Art : Tsuruko

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Mikuni Oriya
A quarter lion beast folk under the Architecture Department. Has a very kind nature and cares deeply for Mikuni.
A timid snake beast folk and a support member of the track team. He has feelings for Nachi since childhood.


Mikuni is a snake beast folk who was constantly bullied as a child due to his beast nature. His only friend and defender was Nachi, a quarter lion beast folk who always tells Mikuni that he’s pretty. Mikuni’s feelings for Nachi have always been more than just friends and became stronger as they grew up.

Now grown-up, Mikuni is undergoing his shedding phase, which makes him emit pheromones. This proves to be troublesome as it makes any person, beast or not, attracted to him. He’s only ever wanted Nachi. When Mikuni learns that his bite may have a chance of bewitching someone, he tries it on Nachi. Will his bite make Nachi want him?

Also contains two side stories:
“The Sweetest Bite in the World”: A story between the Professor and his ward, Takumi, a track team member.
“Catch the Goddess by the Tail”: The story between senior track member and former ace, Aihachi, and the current track ace, Shunsuke.

©︎ Tsuruko 2020/HOME-SHA

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