Melt at Night

Story and Art: Taira Taga

Fall of an Immortal
Title : Melt at Night
メルト アット ナイト

Story and Art : Taira Taga
多賀 タイラ

Publisher : Home-Sha Inc.



Tomoki Inohara
A call boy with a bright and cheerful personality. He considers himself quite proficient with sex.
A salary man with a meek personality little confidence in himself. Gets flustered easily.


Tomoki is an average salaryman with a meek personality. Due to this, he has little confidence in himself, including in matters of sex. One night, he gets himself drunk after an office drinking party and falls asleep on his front door. To his surprise, he gets awoken with a kiss from a call boy named Haru.

As it turns out, Haru got the building location wrong and, as an apology, offers Tomoki drinks and a lending ear to all his sex troubles since Haru is a sex pro himself. Tomoki takes Haru’s offer, and when he divulges his fear of sex to Haru, Haru readily offers himself to Tomoki as his practice partner to overcome his fear of sex.

©︎ Taira Taga 2020/HOME-SHA

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