Story and Art : Midori Iwasawa

Title : Mayrow

Story and Art : Midori Iwasawa
岩澤 美翠


Geira Gehena
Aoi Ikkoku Kisaragi

A popular crocodile who works as a cleaner for Viva City’s Public Works and Construction, nicknamed “Gera Gera.” Came out of nowhere carrying Ikkoku, saying he’ll take responsibility for him.
One of the rare humans living freely in the star of Dyna Blue. Nobody knows how he got here, but what they do know is that he lives with Gera Gera and calls him his lover.


In a dwelling on the roof of a public bathhouse, crocodile “Gera Gera” gets waken up by his human housemate, his self-professed lover Ikkoku. They work for the Public Works and Construction of Viva City, the one dark shadow in the popular tourist planet Dyna Blue. When Mayor Celdy commissions them for a job to deactivate the core of a prehistoric military facility, is there anything they should be looking out for underground in particular? And how much are they even going to get paid for this!?
© Midori Iwasawa

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